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You probably know tons of different hemp flower strains. While some may prefer a strain for its taste, others (like me) are drawn to a specific strain due to its effects. Well, at Salt Flat Seeds Company, we offer Cherry Wine seeds. It seems to be a good mix of smell, taste, appearance, and effects.

The first thing you notice about the Cherry Wine CBD hemp flower strain is its unique and beautiful appearance. The buds are moderately dense (a clear indication that the plant has been grown under the right conditions and with care). They are also fluffy with a good balance of orange hairs and green color.

The flower is made up of small to medium-sized buds. Crystals sparkle on its surface, exhibiting green and gold shades which are inter-twined with dark peach-colored pistils.

The buds also contain little to no seeds—a perfect choice if you are one of the people who feel that seeds “steal” the overall fulfillment of the buds.

Tiny, sticky, and shiny crystals cover the buds. These blankets of frost give the flower a balanced cannabinoid profile, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits associated with the hemp plant.

Cherry Wine Seeds

  • 25 Cherry Wine seeds.