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CBG Clones for First-time Growers

Top-Quality CBG Clones for First-time Growers

The Salt Flat Standard

Salt Flat Seeds Co. provides top-quality CBG clones for first-time growers across the country. We also offer CBG seeds and seedlings. We are constantly working to have the best genetics of the best strains for non-THC Cannabis. We focus on High CBD, low THC content less than .3%, the strength and vigor of the strain, and consistency in plant genetics.

Our clones are nurtured and grown in our proprietary hydroponic grow system. This system produces a toothbrush-like root system on each clone.  This dense root system gives our clones a veracious start for vigorous growth.

We are also offering non-feminized seeds and clones for framers. We can currently produce 20,000 clones per month. 

We have been developing and perfecting our growing system for the last 12 years. We have grown every plant you can imagine in our system but we LOVE growing this wonderful plant. Our Cannabis plants are like family to us and we are very excited to share our family with you.

We grow all clones custom to order so please feel free to call us about what you want to grow. We have many different wonderful strains and are always adding more.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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